Action status showing pending download


User created a patch task but its showing pending downloads for a long time. May i know the cause of it and how to resolve this issue?

What kind of “download” command are you using? (prefetch, download, download now, etc) For example, “download now” tries to download directly from the endpoint to the URL; prefetch/download tries to download the URL from the root server and the distributes it via the relays down-chain, so it does matter.

Generally, speaking though you need to troubleshoot the link - can you open the URL directly? Does it require prompts of any sorts? Try to open the URL from either the endpoint having the problem or root server (depending on which download command you are using as discussed above) and if it is not working, BigFix won’t work either… You need to look at traffic routing, firewalls, etc and make sure the URL is reachable & file downloadable, and only then you can get it to work from within BigFix.

Hi @ageorgiev,

Thanks for the response, i was pushing the microsoft OS patching.

If it is default fixlet - confirm that the URL works directly and not, and if it doesn’t open a support case for HCL - they’ll fix the fixlet; if it does work, you may have some weird relay issue there… I have seen instances where relays are just not auto-downloading stuff from higher-level relays or root server, and had to have the gather status reset to force them to resync and resolve the problem.

Hi @ageorgiev,

I have tested one of the URL and its working fine. Seems like u said to be a relay issue i supposed

This is the documented process but as you will see this is quite involved (and risky) and honestly you shouldn’t have to do this. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this, open a support and get support to review why do you have to do this on the first place…