Action Status Relevance

Can someone point me out if I am doing anything wrong on below Relevance ? I am trying to create relevance for our baseline which only take action if action ID 39570 status is completed.

so, funny thing is that I wouldn’t know how to check that. However, can you check for whatever changes that action did?

The “bes action” object is supplied in Session Relevance. It only evaluates in the Console, Web Reports, and API contexts; it cannot evaluate on the client. Try using the Fixlet Debugger and it’ll show you the object doesn’t exist on the client.

Instead you’d need your Action to change the state of the client in some way that you can detect and use that in your relevance instead. Common cases involve having the action create a client setting, registry value, or create a file, and then check for the existence in your follow-up relevance. This method is commonly referred to as ‘leaving breadcrumbs’.

I Agree with you jason but I am still not able to find way to make this job work. let me be more clear what I am exactly looking for it.
I want my 2nd baseline to run on new target box only if 1st baseline status on target says completed.

Thank you

I understand what you’re wanting, and I’ve tried going down that road before, but you aren’t going to like the answer. You need to change Baseline1 to drop a setting on the client, and then target Baseline2 to systems where that setting exists.

Thank you I will go on that path.