Action status of servers Not Reported

Problem description and business impact
I have seen when i execute Patch job in action few servers remains in
Not Reported status and when i found the action history from the web
portal i do not get report for these server which are having in “Not
Reported” status.

Same way when i execute below query i find the same issue , it provided
me data for all the servers except for those which are in Not Reported

(IDs of Actions of it, Names of Issuers of Actions of it, Names of Actions of it, States of Actions of it, Times Issued of Actions of it, Names of Computers of it, Operating Systems of Computers of it, IP Addresses of Computers of it, Last Report Times of Computers of it, Detailed Status of it,Status of it,Names of member actions of actions of it ) of results whose (((Name of Action of it as lowercase starts with “2016p4”))) of bes actions whose (start date of it = (“25 mar 2016”) as date)