Action Status "Download Failed" status

Hi All,

Although this issue is not new, but I couldn’t find a resolution from the past threads.

We are seeing the “Download Failed” issue more often now, and we had upgraded to BigFix 10.0.3.

The problem would happen to small number of a larger target computers. It would happen to Fixlets, Patches, or Tasks and It is not limited to size of the tasks or baselines.
If I redeploy the task or baseline, most of the computers would work.
Does anyone know what can I do proactively to avoid the issue?



Did you change servers when you upgraded?
Does your Gather Status Request page from Relay Diagnostics show missing downloads and option to re-try?
What interface or place are you seeing the “Download Failed”?

No, We didn’t change any servers when we upgraded. Sorry, I’m not sure which Gather Status Request page you are referring to, is it from the BES Relay Health - Gather Status? From the Re-deploy, the ones that showing “Download Failed” again are on the same relay as the other computers that are successful.
The “Download Failed” are showing on my console. The “View Action Info” shows the the following:
image but none of the items from the ActionScipt shows Completed.

The screenshot helps to isolate the issue. This looks like the BigFix server cannot gather a copy of the payload file in question.

Confirm with Gather Status page (for your BigFix server)

Look for the ActionID in the status list.