Action Status changes & updates - How long do status changes potentially change after action is expired or stopped?

I believe this moreso applies to expired status vs. stopped… but … When an action completes, on occasion I have noticed the action status changes from a state like restart needed or failed to a fixed state even after an action expires. Reasons could have been another action resolved the issue, was fixed outside of BigFix, or maybe the situation just resolved itself such as the restart needed finally clearing.

I was curious if anyone knows more specifics about how long after an action expires does the status no longer update?
My best guesses are, they don’t, it’s just status updates still trickling in through the relay and were delayed or maybe a period of say 30min after expiration. I know it does happen so getting my head around how long I should continue to check for status updates after an expiration or stop state for API automation and reporting.

As per the HCL BigFix documentation, when an action expires, it does not update the status for any client. I have never seen any mention of action expiration timing in any kind of documentation or discussion but HCL product support team is the best person to provide in-depth details for it.

Each client’s action expiration timing varies depending on there execution, for instance: local time for the client or UTC

There is a possibility that depending on relay-client communication, infra configs, network changes, and filldb insertion, it will take some time for the status to be updated; however, expiration will always occur whatever the end time updated within the action based on time zone (Client local time or UTC)

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