Action script to install Microsoft Security Essentials on BES client

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If possible, does anyone know an action script to download and install Microsoft Security Essential on BES client? I’ve been trying to create one but not much luck. Thanks in advance.

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We created a task to do this but never used it. If you look at the licensing of this product it is designed for personal use only. If you have an agreement with Microsoft they will want you to use Forefront for managing any enterprise level AV deployment. If Microsoft does catch your environment running Security Essentials as primary AV they can cause all sorts of headaches with lawsuits and fines.

With the big warning provided I used the software deployment wizard to upload the mseinstall.exe file onto the console and I added the following command line switches into deployment. The installer requires Windows to be legit before it installs and these switches will install silently and check the validity of Windows.

extract mseinstallexe.tmp

wait __Download\mseinstall.exe /s /runwgacheck

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In that case, do you know of an action script or task to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials? I will probably go with the Trend Micro Endpoint protection for anti-virus. Thanks in advance.

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There is nothing built in that will do the uninstall. I have not created a job yet to uninstall MSE but looking online it looks like it uses the files that were installed to do the uninstall. There appears to be two different locations for the file depending on the version installed:

“%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Security Essentials\setup.exe” /x /s

“%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Security Client\setup.exe” /x /s

depending on which one is installed this should work…

wait cmd.exe /C “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Essentials\setup.exe” /x /s


wait cmd.exe /C “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\setup.exe” /x /s