Action Requested - Send email from client device

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What I am trying to do is pretty simple. My question is in Three parts:

  1. Can I have an action that opens a New Email Message in Outlook and addresses it?

  2. Can I specify the body of the email?

  3. Is it possbible to have it automatically send?

We are doing this to try and get users to contact support of a technical issue they may be putting off. So we want to get an email sent out letting us know they are aware and can schedule with us.


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You might have a problem getting Outlook to send the message since the TEM client runs under the System context, not the user’s context. It would make authentication tricky.

Under Windows, you might be able to use a command line program like BLAT ( in an action to send an SMTP message.

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish.