Action Regenerator

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Im trying to deploy a fixlet from the master op site, and am getting the following error in the log -

Fri Jul 2 11:49:40 2010: Running ActionRegenerator…

Fri Jul 2 11:49:41 2010: ERROR: Couldn’t load Fixlet ID 00-836 from “actionsite”… Maybe the FixletID is wrong?

Assumed the site id for Master Operator is supposed to be ‘actionsite’ ?

The Fixlet ID is definitely 00-836

What am i doing wrong ??

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Just try 836 instead of 00-836.

The first number “00” refers to the DSA instance and the action regenerator script doesn’t take that into account…


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Im getting a litttle further, now getter error in log -

Mon Jul 5 09:38:19 2010: Running ActionRegenerator…

Mon Jul 5 09:38:21 2010: Action 0 found with sha1: d80881735e40922020a39b2315176a78f0812065.

Mon Jul 5 09:38:21 2010: ERROR: Failed to verify that the Fixlet site “actionsite” on the local computer contained the Fixlet ID: 836 with a sha1: d80881735e40922020a39b2315176a78f0812065. This means that either the local agent hasn’t gathered the site properly (likely) or that someone has hacked your database and is trying to trick you into deploying unauthorized software (unlikely).

This fixlet downloads a file that is updated weekly and is distributed to all endpoints, and has no associated sha1 hash.

what other parameters do i need to configure to get this working ? Deploying the fixlet through the console works fine.


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I think there is something like a ‘skipVerification’ option in the actionregenerator config file… Set that to ‘1’ to skip this error…


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thanks Ben, working perfectly.