Action parameter drop down

I know that you can do a parametery query and have someone input something and then call that input in a fixlet. is there a way to have a drop down of predefined variables so they can choose the appropriate one they need to run a script with those command line parameters?

For example i have:

wait “{pathname of system folder & “\msiexec.exe”}” /i “{(pathname of client folder of current site) & “__Download\bomgar-scc-win64.msi”}” KEY_INFO=w0dc30xez5j66j5w5x5ex71d6x7h1yee5h8fzec40jc90 jc_jump_group=team:{parameter “jmpgroup” of action} /qn /norestart

where they can input a group for the above msi installer but it might be more useful if a dropdown could be used so we avoid spelling mistakes by the users of this fixlet.

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A dropdown is not possible for an action parameter query.

You can embed a list of “approved” teams in the fixlet and make sure it’s in that list before proceeding with the install.

You can also look up how to make parameterized fixlets:

This would let you populate a dropdown but parameterized fixlets are kinda annoying to make. There is a doc with instructions here: Legacy Communities - IBM TechXchange Community