Action launch preference belownormal-priority

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Could a command like this be added to actionscript? Currently there are only these two:

action launch preference low-priority

action launch preference normal-priority

Running a process at “low” priority is basically asking it to run only when the system is idle. “BelowNormal” is somewhere in between and usally a good place to run processes like defragmenting. In order to get “BelowNormal” priority currently, I need to do the following:

waithidden cmd.exe /c “start /B /BelowNormal __Download/JkDefragCMD.exe”

Sure this works, but the “waithidden” is somewhat pointless because all cmd.exe does is hand off to process that “start” executes, so as far as BigFix is concerned, the task has “Completed.” If there was an “action launch preference belownormal-priority” command, I could just do “waithidden __Download/JkDefragCMD.exe” and I would get an accurate reading for completed.


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What about if you did:

waithidden cmd.exe /c "start /B /BelowNormal __Download/JkDefragCMD.exe"
pause while {exists running application “JkDefragCMD.exe”}

This approximates the waithidden with the funky command line…


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Thanks for the tip! That did force the action state to stay in “Running” while the command executed. I still think the suggested “belownormal-priority” would be a logical addition to the product though. It would make the script a little cleaner and in most cases be a better option than the existing “low-priority” option. Thanks again.