Action finished in "failed" state after setting "Pending Restart" flag and reboot host

Hi all, have you advice?

I have baseline with 5 actions (tasks) in one group. This is description of behaviors of this baseline:

  1. Action - stop processes and umount filesystems.
  2. Action - patching host, after that is setting flag “Pending Restart” (IBM fixlet for patching of AIX)
  3. Action - restarting host if it has flag “Pending Restart” over command “restart” from action script
  4. Action - wait while host has flag “Pending Restart”
  5. Action - start processes and mount filesystems.

Everything flow ok, but after restart of the host, the 3rd Action change state to “Failed” and I don’t know why. I read at a forum that cannot be setting flag “Pending Restart” and “restat” actionscript command in one action. I don’t have this but also everytime I get “Failed” status. Patching process finished right, log file annouced SUCCESS at end.

I used to fixlet from IBM for patching AIX server and added it to my baseline for patching process.

Can you share the Relevance for this action component; whether this is a Task or a Fixlet; and whether the Baseline Component for this has the “Include in baseline relevance” item checked?

If this is a Fixlet, then by default it will be selected for “Include in baseline relevance” and the success criteria is “The original applicability relevance evaluates to false”.
A Fixlet that runs and then still evaluates as True will appear to be failed. If that’s the case, then you could either create this as a Task instead, or else specify a custom success criteria on the fixlet to specify it is successful when all lines of the action script are completed.

Hi, action which restart host look like this:

Relevance condition: nding restart
wait wall “System will be restart after 5 minutes.”

parameter “startTime”="{now}"
pause while {(now-time(parameter “startTime”) < 300*second)}

restart 120

This run correct but previous action which set the host to “Pending Restart” state after them finish in “Failed” state.

Oh ok,in that case we’d need tocheck the Relevance conditions of the components that report Failed results.

Either the component actually failed to install, or there may be an issue in the relevance causing a false-positive.

I have only one relevance condition: name of operating system as string starts with “AIX”

I have nothing for success criteria of action. May be I will try set the success criteries like complete finish all actions in task.

Sounds like that should do it. You’ll need the Success Criteria to be “All lines of the script complete successfully” and you would probably want to un-select the component for “Include in baseline relevance” unless you want the baseline itself to always appear to be relevant.

Ideally, from your list items 1, 3, 4, and 5 would not be included in the Baseline relevance, and item 2 “Patch the host” would have its relevance crafted in a way that detects whether the system is missing the given patch. The Baseline as a whole would only be relevant if there are patches missing, but once relevant all of the components would execute together in the correct order.

Thank you for quick response. I need only switch “All lines of the script complete successfully” and action finished in complete state.