Action command "setting delete" not working

Hello folks,

We need to remove the "_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList setting in the clients and send brand new ones with some changes we made, but I’m getting “failed” in our environment and I don’t seem to know the reason why. This is the action we created:

setting delete "_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList" on "{now}" for client
relay select

I get the following log on the fixlet debugger:

STATUS: Running action...
Command failed (Unimplemented command 'setting delete'.) setting delete "_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList" on "{now}" for client

--- Result ---
Evaluation Failure.

I don’t understand this Unimplemented command, The command exists and it is covered in

We have BigFix V10.0.10

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Try using a BigFix console action instead of Fixlet debugger, as it supports fewer commands. That should work just fine.

Is there a reason you want to delete it first? We just send new values and they update the current values.

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I agree, just send the new values you want.

And the error your get (Unimplemented command) is a debugger thing - it isn’t actually the client, so some things just can’t work, because the environment is not correct

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I sent the updated seeklist, I just wanted to delete because we didn’t have a definition of which physical relay some computers would be.