Action Audit - Custom Ticket Number


we have an trouble ticket system for documentation.
When an administrator distribute an fixlet, he must input the problem ticket number. I made this with the action parameter query.
Is it possible to write this to the database or the action history?
For example I log the action history with this relevance:
( concatenations ", " of (id of action of it as string | “”; time issued of action of it as string | “”; name of issuer of action of it | “”; name of action of it | “”; name of computer of it | “”; (status of it as string & ": " & detailed status of it) | “” ) ) of results of top level bes actions whose ( now - time issued of it < 1 * day and ((name of issuer of it contains “admin”)))
But I want to have the ticketnumber for auditing.
A possibility is to write this action parameter local on the client, but i the client is re-installed, the history is empty

There are any ways to make an custom audit of software distributions?
Thanks Andreas