Accounts used in BigFix

Hi Guys can any one help me in following query?

Basically in our environment we are having few users which log into their system by non domain account. So when we initiate patching onto those system they get a pop up to insert admin credentials as Windows is trying to install something onto that system, when we insert the admin credentials the patches gets installed and when we cancel the pop up the patches don’t get installed onto that system.

After going through the script i found out that, First bigfix checks if the Windows update services is installed onto the targeted systems and later it runs Wusa.exe, basically user is getting the pop at that time when BigFix is calling Wusa.exe.

So my query is that why some users are getting the this pop-up and why some users are not getting the pop-up. (And all are non-admin users)

Thanks in Advance.

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There shouldn’t be a prompt with the fixlets we publish. Are you doing some custom fixlets? Can you give examples? This is not normal behavior. Have they interfered with the logon account of the BES Client? It should be LocalSystem?

Hi @JasonWalker

Basically the user which was logged in into the system was non-master operator, when the patch Admin deployed the patches onto that users system he got a popup stating that to run the Windows standalone installer we you will have to insert the admin username and password.

But we have never faced this kind of issue earlier. Many of the user are non-admin user and we are facing this issue for some users only.

@JasonWalker No custom fixlet were deployed Windows patch baseline was deployed onto the system.

That is not expected behavior. Maybe it’s a bug in the fixlet content. Which fixlet is triggering this?

Hi @JasonWalker is there any requirements in BigFix regarding the user accounts. Like if BigFix wants to install a patch or any task does it requires a user to be logged in via an account which has admin rights ?

No it does not. What fixlet are you having trouble with?

i Would have to ask my patch administrator to give me the details but as per his information shared to me he said he was deploying windows patches of December month.

Hi @JasonWalker i guess it was a bug in some of the patch as we are not able to figure out due to which patch pop-up was prompted. As the engineer deployed a few baseline onto the affected system.

Hi @JasonWalker Thanks for the clarification.