Accessing the enterprise VPN, without prior user registeration

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I would like to know if TEM MDM feature supports a situation in which, when the user tries to access the private network of an enterprise to view is mail or other featuers using the wifi of the organisation, as he knows the user name and password, can we use TEM MDM to block an user to access the net. And also to enforse him to register with the TEM MDM network so that only then he can be able to access the VPN

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Hi Husain,

What you can do is use the MDM capabilities to provision the WiFi profile, which would allow a device to connect. If you do this, then you can control which devices can or can’t connect.

However, if you have a general wifi network and the end-users know the password, then they will be able to connect their devices (any device: phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and the only way you can stop them would be with some sort of network device that required an extra layer of authentication.