"Access is Denied" for Some Inventory Results on Some PC's

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I noticed that a handful of my clients do not have all of their Inventory information listed. Instead, they show “The expression could not be evaluated: Windows Error: Access is denied.%0d%0a”. This statement is listed for (among other things) “Computer Manufacturer - Windows”, “Computer Model - Windows”, “Disk Drives - Windows”, “Domain/Workgroup - Windows”. However, I do get the correct information for other things; like “Brand String of CPU - Windows”, Number of Processors - Windows".

These clients have recent “last report times” and still execute tasks sent to them.

Any ideas on why these handful of fields are not being populated with information like the other fields are? Again, this appears to be happening on a relative few machines (out of 10000).


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Hey Khouck,

The properties you listed which are reporting ‘access is denied’ are all using the WMI to get their values whiles the working properties listed use our relevance language which makes direct API calls. Very likely, there is some issue with the WMI on the computers you are having a problems with.

If you load up the QnA tool on the problem computers and try a wmi call, you’ll probably get the same errors. From there, you’ll need to troubleshoot the WMI to figure out why it isn’t working.