Access and archived report using Excel > Data > From Web


I’m trying to schedule a report in Web Reports, and have the results archived. I would then like to use Excel pull the data from the created file using Data > From Web, so additional formatting can be applied to make the data look nice, maybe add a pretty chart, and present it on a SharePoint page.

When I try to use the link shown under Administration for that report, I get some HTML formatting, but not the data from the file.

I was thinking of copying the file to a server that has the ability to server up web pages, but was wondering if there was something simpler that I could do before try that.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Depends what you have access to. If I was doing personally I would just use send via email as CSV to a mailbox and use Power Automate as it has all the MS-based functions to do it all - trigger a flow on email with attachment; make changes to the data; convert to other formats and whatever you want and then store file to SharePoint. It’s all in pretty straight-forward UI-driven automation; with logging and so on.