About reboot triggered by BigFix

■ event
I performed “Update Software Catalog” and “Perform Capacity Scan and Upload Result” action on the BigFIx console.
A reboot of the server occurred on the client after the action “Running the Capacity Scan and Uploading Results”.

After reviewing the summary tab of "Performing Capacity Scan and Uploading Results"
In the post action, the message “When the action is completed, the user needs to restart the computer” was displayed.

■ What to check
In ClientServer, BigFixClient is stopped.
In this case, will BigFix be used as a trigger and Restart will not occur on ClientServer?

② The action has already been canceled.
However, the display of “last report status” on 4 servers is “status of pending reboot”.
In this case, will something trigger trigger a restart of ClientServer?