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When I execute BESComputerRemover.exe -P “MAC Address - Windows”, it shows:

No time specified for deletion of Expired Computers, defaulting to 30 days.

No time specified for deletion of Deleted Computers, defaulting to 90 days.

  • Duplicate Computers *

Total Number of Duplicate Computers: 1

  • NotReported Computers *

Total Number of NotReported Computers: 0

  • Expired Computers *

Expiration Period: 30 Days

Total Number of Expired Computers: 4

  • Deleted Computers *

Expiration Period: 90 Days

Total number of Computers affected: 2

Number of rows in ACTIONRESULTS table: 1

Number of rows in QUESTIONRESULTS table: 652

Number of rows in LONGQUESTIONRESULTS table: 0

Number of rows in FIXLETRESULTS table: 277

Number of rows in COMPUTER_ADMINISTRATORS table: 0

Number of rows in COMPUTER_COMMENTS table: 0

Total Number of Rows for Deleted Computers: 930

I want to ask how could I make it to a report?

Thanks for help.

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adding a -l switch to the command will create a logfile in the current directory.

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Thanks for answer.

I use -D to delete duplicated computer.

Which computer would retain in console? The last report time computer?

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Correct - the computer that reported in most recently