About Activity Triggers: Match Relevance Conditions

When setting up relevance conditions such as

if current date = (first tuesday of month_and_year of current date + 8*day) then true else false

for WebReports to send scheduled activities does it matter which of these 3 are checked? since you cannot remove them… and as this is set it should send this report out when ever the above becomes true ( 1 day after Patch Tuesday). I assume that when Match Relevance Conditions is selected it ignores the top 3 options.

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It does matter, yes. Think of it as the relevance conditions check is performed after the trigger.

So, for your example, do you want the activity to be triggered multiple times on the given day where the relevance conditions are true, or perhaps just once?

Ah thanks for the info. Probably best to set this to happen once a day since the relevance condition is based on what day it is.