Ability to use different username in BES Admin tool login prompt

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Most times in a shared database environment, you need to use a different account which is the database owner. I personally hate having to go to the command line to run besadmin.exe and enter in clear text the specific username and password that can access the tool/database.

Can we get the BESAadmin login prompt to have the ability to change/edit the username? Right now the username prompt is greyed out and only sa is used. Seems pretty silly and adds additional work to a product that is supposed to streamline operations.


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Hey clembm,

I think this is a good point… I think this change to a non-editable field was made a while back when we had a few customers cause damage to their databases when they used only partially privileged accounts to do admin activities and in at least one case, they suffered serious problems as a result.

We did add an override in the registry which sounds like it will solve your issue for the moment:

You can use this:


If non-0, user can type in the database username they wish to use instead of ‘sa’

Note that you will need an account with full privileges on the database to set up the system and make new users… So if it is not the sa account, it should have the same permissions as sa.

Perhaps it is time for us to revisit the decision that made us make this change in the first place.


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I select Dword 32 and I set the value to 1
but it is not allowing me to enter different user id and password to connect to database.

Pls help


and the bigfix version is 9.5.7

You just revived a 7-year-old post. Back in 2010 very few people were using 64-bit operating systems.
See if it works by adding the value to the 32-bit registry at HKCU\Software\Wow6432Node\BigFix\BFEAdmin\Settings

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HKCU doesn’t really have a 32bit vs 64bit distinction… somehow.

I just tested this and it worked when I used this reg path:


It would be ideal if there was a fixlet that used Local GPO Utilities to set this.