A Wizard to Deploy Multiple Baselines to Multiple Groups at One Time

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My organization has several different groups which get different baselines. Every week all groups get sent their baselines and are setup to run at exactly the same time as each other. It is pretty burdensome to have to individually setup each baseline to go to different groups for the same times. Would it be possible to create a wizard which would allow a user to select all of the baselines they wanted to run during a given timeperiod and then assign a group or groups to each baseline? I don’t really care if after completeing the wizard it has to queue up each baseline and send it one at a time; I just don’t like having to complete the same wizard over and over again for the same time period for each individual baseline.

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First of all, have you created a preset in the Take Action Dialog so you can setup all the parameters for each action easily?

Another thing you could do is add the targeting relevance to the baseline rather than to the action. That way once you have all your baselines ready to go, you can just select all of them, deploy them in a multiple action group and target all computers. You’ll only have to go through the TAD once.


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Yes, we have presets setup. We also have relevance setup for each baseline so it can only be applied to specific group memberships. The problem seems to be deploying the mutliple action group. Apparently the piece we haven’t figured out is how to do this for multiple baselines at the same time. We’ve tried selecting all of the baselines we wish to deploy and right-click. I don’t see any options for deploying multiple action groups or any other options which intuitively stand out as a possible option to deploy the baselines in this manner. I have looked at the instructions in BES Help for Take Multiple Actions and it sounds like you are only able to do this for a group of Tasks or Fixlets but not a group of baselines. Take Default Action which the instructions say to click is greyed out when you right-click on a group of baselines.

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Does anybody know how to deploy multiple baselines as a multiple action group?