A new update to Software Distribution console site is available: site 95

BigFix team is pleased to announce an update to the Software Distribution console site.

Reasons for Update:

Fixed issues:

  • KB0086239: Importing .zip files from network share fails with “The specified file does not exist" error, from Software Distribution dashboard (Flash free).
  • KB0086217: Unable to deploy task from Software Distribution dashboard (Flash free) when “Enhanced Security” is enabled.

Published Site Version:

Software Distribution, site version 95

The BigFix Development Team


I would like to share a bug within the new Software Distribution console.

It appears that “compress folders at depth” is not working as expected.

For example, I added this folder and specified to compress at depth 0 and yet it still has them all split up in the dashboard:



Thanks for sharing the bug.
This has been fixed in the site 97 just released today.

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Thank you.

Confirming the bug is fixed in the new version - 97 :tada: