9.5.x cleanup tools

Now that the cleanup tools are imbedded into the admin tool, where are the logs kept? Is the admin too the only place to see the configured options, or is there still an XML file somewhere?

Hi @TheChad,

As per the BigFix 9.5 Documentation:

Note: If these cleanup tasks are triggered from the Administration Tool, the information about their processing is logged in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\BigFix\BESAdminDebugOut.txt log file. If you scheduled the cleanup tasks, the information about their processing is logged in the C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\BESRelay.log file. To collect such information, ensure that you enabled logging by setting _BESRelay_Log_Verbose to 1 and then restarted the BES Root Server service.

You can perform these cleanup tasks also from the IBM BigFix Administration Tool program BESAdmin.exe; for more information, see: Additional administration commands

IBM BigFix Platform 9.5.0 > Clean Up

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Thanks, Ana…

Strange that the logging was bundled into the primary server logging and we have to turn on Debug to see it. I liked it better when the logging was separate and you could easily see what the tool was doing without digging through a bunch of server debug logging… I also liked being able to see the schedule without running the admin tool… Oh well.

There’s an RFE opened by another customer with regards to the Clean Up Tools logging and scheduling enhancement.



Thanks! Gave it my +1