Linux client stopping

We have a subset of linux clients running where the daemon stops randomly. we are alerted to this by monitoring the log files, which haven’t been updated for 24 hours.
The log files before the event appear normal. Is there a known issue with this specific version ?


You’d need to check the release notes for one of the later versions of BigFix to see if a Linux BESClient stability fix was released or open a PMR with IBM L2 support to get further information.

Alternatively, you could enable BESClient debug logging to capture additional details to help determine why the BESClient is stopping on the effected Linux endpoints. This will likely be required by IBM L2 support anyway if you do open a PMR.

The fixlet to enable BESClient debug logging is available in the BES Support external site.


thanks @cmcannady
I suspect it is a buggy client, these endpoints have just been upgraded from which never had the issue. We are testing the latest version in the lab.


Is there a reason why you’re not upgrading to the patch 8 or patch 9 versions of 9.5? Where applicable, these latest releases would have BESClient bug fixes and performances improvements.

The “lines of file” inspector was about a hundred times slower in 9.5 as compared to 9.2, up until version 9.5.6 (I think). The Linux content, especially Compliance checklists, relies heavily on that inspector as did a lot of my deployment’s custom content.

You might check the “evaluation cycle of client” inspectors to see whether this impacts you. We saw our evaluation cycles jump from 15 minutes to several hours and reverted our Linux clients back to 9.2 until the 9.5 fix came out.

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I appreciate the feedback, it all makes sense. Did you see the ‘lines of’ inspector cause the daemon to crash/stop, or was the evaluation just slow ?

@cmcannady client upgrades are subject to strict change control, any upgrades take a while so whilst it’s a simple process technically, I’m afraid it’s not the simple to execute.

When I was at Kroger, we did see the lines of file inspector issue cause the BESClient to become unresponsive on Linux/Unix endpoints. I believe this was on version 9.5.5.

As @JasonWalker previously indicated, this was fixed in 9.5 patch 6.


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