2012r2 Console Performance issues

Has anyone seen issues with using 2012r2 for the console?

We have a few servers that we are using as RemoteApp for the console itself, but even with just 1 person on that server with nothing else running the console tends to hang, as in “Not responding” for a few seconds.

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I have seen this before.

What version of the root / console are you running?

We had this on 9.2 patch 2, now 9.2 Patch 5.

Does the console report any timeout errors?

Nope. It just kind of hangs like when it is updating. We have too many machines reporting directly to the bigfix console, so I’m thinking that is a part of it, but it wasn’t this bad.

How many simultaneous console operators? that is the main thing that causes issues.

Speed of the SSDs that your BFEnterprise SQL DB is sitting on also matters.