1602 exit code when deploying software

anyone can help me solve the problem of getting 1602 error…

here is the story behind… I tried to deploy Avaya software then I got 1602 error, but for the other PC it’s working successfully…

Anyone can help me on this…

this is the exact error I got when deploying the action.

“At 16:00:55 -0500 - actionsite (http://G1NWGEPBA001.gpn.globalpay.com:52311/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/actionsite)
Command succeeded (Exit Code=1602) wait “C:\temp\onexc_6.2.7.03\Avaya one-X Communicator Suite.exe” /silent (action:1114513)”

Two things to try

  1. Add the logging switch to the command line. This is typically “/l*v logfile.txt” but you would have to confirm with the installer. Then review the log file.

  2. Try to manually install it but with out the silent switch.

how can I the logging switch?

this is the current command I have but my suspeciuous maybe this will not work…

wait “C:\temp\onexc_6.2.7.03\Avaya one-X Communicator Suite.exe” /silent /log c:\avaya.txt

Hi @Marvyn_Nacion

BigFix takes the exit code from the installer.

Are you sure the installer is silent? Or can the user cancel it (no idea how when it’s silent)?

To see the parameters for an exe, you can use Avaya one-X Communicator Suite.exe /?

Then you will see the possible parameters. The l*v is normally for msi’s.

So as @TheTick mentioned, try the installation first manually to see if it’s really silent.

edit: please avoid to post your servername etc on the fora. Blur it out or replace it with “x” or something (in your first post)

Hi Actually it was working to another PC and in fact its successfully completed.

Maybe I can averaging 25% is only working with this and 75% is not…

Hi Stein,

The software package (Avaya) is not a MSI, it was .exe…

what command should I use?

usually I’m using this line to deploy the software and added this on the action scripts…

wait “C:\Avaya\onexc_6.2.7.03\Avaya one-X Communicator Suite.exe” /silent

hope u have possible ideas to give me relief on how to resolve the problem.


The .exe packages are often just bundles that contain MSI’s internally so it may be an MSI install even if it was an EXE

To quote the Avaya documentation on performing a Silent install of their client …

You can install Avaya one-X Agent through an automated package distribution tool that makes use of the Microsoft Windows Installer service. The Avaya one-X Agent installer packages contain the MSI Installer. To pass custom (user-defined) properties to the MSI installer, you must extract the MSI installer image from the Avaya base package installers.

Sounds like you can’t use the EXE installer with the Silent option, you need to extract the MSI installer and use it directly.