__BESdata opsite folder

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I’m creating a task that downloads a file to the client and runs it. The file generates at least one xml file as output. The executable is from Dell and doesn’t allow me to redirect the location of the output nor change the way it works. Using the default application deployment wizard, I can deploy the app just fine and the xml file(s) end up in the folder __BESdata\opsite11. I’d like to have the xml files end up in a persistent location I can query for relevance later.

I have thought of two approaches. The seemingly simpler approach was to copy the xml files out of the __BESdata\opsite11 folder into some other folder. I read something that led me to believe the exact path of the opsiteXX folder might change based on which operator runs the action. But I couldn’t find any documentations or examples of the “right” way to refer to the opsite11 folder in my copy statements.

My other idea was to copy the the executable to another directory and execute it there. I tried:

…download, sha check, extract then…

copy “__Download\DellDCCUwolenable.exe” “c:\temp\DellDCCUwolenable.exe”

wait c:\temp\DellDCCUwolenable.exe

The odd thing is that this task finishes without executing the exe.

Any advice on why the exe isn’t running or suggestions on the prefered way to refer to files within the opsite folder would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Paul,

In actions we typically use the expression “client folder of current site” to refer to the site that is executing the action. Sometime this is the actionsite (if the operator taking the action was a master operator and the action is sourced from custom content), sometimes it’s an opsite (if the operator is a non-master and the action is sourced from custom content), and sometimes it’s a Fixlet site, like “Enterprise Security” (if the source content is part of an external site, that is, not custom content).

So if I were you, I would write my action like this:

<download, sha1 check, extract>

wait __Download\DellCCUwolenable.exe

copy "{pathname of client folder of current site & “__Download\xmloutput.xml}” “c:\path\to\destination”


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Hey Paul,

The current working directory is always the opsiteXX or actionsite folder (depending on the user). This is regardless of where you run the .exe from… You could create a batch script to launch a command line, change folder, and run the .exe…

But probably easier is this:

<download, sha1 check, extract>
wait __Download\DellCCUwolenable.exe
copy “xmloutput.xml” “c:\path\to\destination”

This will work because “xmloutput.xml” is in the current working directory.