Windows XP SP3

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I’ve just been reading an article on XP SP 3 and it states

“component used in Windows Server 2008 that checks to make sure upgrades and security features have been applied before the machine is allowed onto the corporate network.”

I’ve not searched the MS knowledge base, but at the moment our process is

  1. Image PC (with Bigfix already installed)

  2. Join Domain

  3. Apply patches and updates

Is this new “feature” in XP SP3 likely to affect bigfix? Hopefully there will be an option to turn it off when we reimage.

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Hey tubs,

My guess is that this is a description of the NAP feature in XP SP3:

This won’t affect BigFix and in fact, we are working on ways to intergrate with this behavior.


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I would be much in favor of BES being able to manage MS NAP :slight_smile: