Windows XP sp 3 deployment

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Looking for feedback as to how others have deployed service pack 3 for XP to users in their environments. The amount of time that it takes for the service pack to install will make it difficult to get users to close all programs while the update is installing. Has anyone run into issues deploying/installing the service pack while the users are logged on and working or were deployments done off hours?

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I’d recommend after hours deployments for most service packs, unless it’s an FDE environment; in that case, I’d use a notification message and aim for a window around the local lunch hour.

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I’m also looking at deploying SP3. There are some known issues you should be aware of which cause the installation to fail:

Also some Anti-Virus software will cause issues. You might need to disable the real-time scan during the install.

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We’re using a combination of overnight installs and giving the users the option to defer the update until they leave the office at the end of the day, advising them to simply log off instead of shutting down. It has worked pretty well so far and we’ve had no reported issues from people that continued to work on their PC whilst it was updating. So far we’ve patched about 2000 machines in about 9 days.

I think we had 2 failures to install, which were down to bad blocks on hard drives and about 4 failures to download which worked ok on a second deployment.