Windows Server 2019 - when will BigFix support the new version

Does anyone know when BigFix will support Windows Server 2019?

-will there be version requirements?


Any update from BigFix on this?

It’s odd they added Relay/Agent support for 2019 with 9.5.11 but not support for client/patches. I think Windows 10 1809 support was added for 9.5.9? and later at some point.

Waiting for this too… :thinking:

I’m curious if anyone can comment on this at this point? It would be great to know now when 2019 will be supported for the BigFix server so that planning can take place for a server migration that needs to be performed.

I just updated to and win2019 shows as a version number now?

Otherwise I’ve been running it for a few months with no issues.

Not sure if you guys are aware, but support official support for BigFix Server and Console on Windows Server 2019 was introduced with BigFix 9.5.17 at the end of 2020.