Windows Installer Service Is Not Running

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I recently performed a clean install.

I have a particular fixlet that applies to every machine in my domain and that will not go away.

Fixlet ID is 571 titled “Windows Installer Service Is Not Running”.

I have checked and on several of the machines that it reports the service is indeed running although on most it is set to manual which I believe is the standard/normal state.

Even after applying the fixlet to a select group of machines it still reports as applicable to all machines.

Has anyone else had difficulty with this fixlet?

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I just started deploying BigFix this week and am seeing the same thing on many computers. Is there any way to get rid of this? WSUS related?

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I am seeing this too. I haven’t checked to see if the service is actually running or not, but it is showing applicable on nearly 90% of our windows boxes. I thought thought that the Windows Installer service was only started when it was neaded anyways, so this fixlet doesn’t make much sense to me. In my opinion, a better way to do it is to show if the service is disabled instead of just stopped.

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BigFix has updated this fixlet to now be applicable if the service is disabled, not stopped.

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Well, that brings the # of systems needing to be remediated down somewhat :slight_smile:

I was wondering about the purpose of this fixlet myself. Glad to see we weren’t the only ones wondering about it.