Windows 7 and Core Protection

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Hello, I have a couple Windows 7 machines that receive the BES/Core Protection install via gpo once joined to the network. For some reason the Console Protection Console isn’t showing up on the sys tray. Can you assist me?

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Is the Core Protection Module - Enable Client Dashboard being ran?

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Where do I check to see if Client Dashboard is being ran?

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techguy89, I think the information you need is available on page 22 in the CPM User Guide, here is an extract and the link to the guide.

Enabling notifications on the client

Use the On-Demand or Real-Time Scan Settings wizards to display notifications on the

client computer about virus/malware or spyware/grayware detections.

Client Dashboard and Client Console

The CPM Client Dashboard displays information about client computers. Before using it, you must enable and deploy it from the CPM dashboard.

The CPM Client Console displays on-demand scan information about client computers. Before using it, you must enable and deploy it from the CPM dashboard.

What I would do is in the Console, click Dashboards > CPM Dashboard, then in the dashboard click to expand Configuration > Global Settings, then click on New Global Settings Task, then on the right-hand side you will see the Global Settings Wizard, scroll down and at the very bottom you will see the Client Console Settings. You will need to check the option “Enable system tray icon”, then scroll up to the top where you will click the button that says “Create Global Settings Configuration Task”. You will then need to deploy this newly create task on the machines where you want the system tray icon.

If you need the client dashboard, you can deploy the task “Core Protection Module - Enable Client Dashboard” from the “Trend Micro Core Protection Module” site

I am still on v.7.2, so the above may be slightly different in v.8



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I don’t have access to the main CPM server. Can these changes be done from the workstation that the client is on?

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You need access to the BigFix console to open the CPM Dashboard.

If you don’t have console access, then I am not sure if you can control these settings on the end-point. You can certainly look at the action script of these tasks (but I guess you need the console to see the tasks) and try to find a way to perform the same on your workstation as what the action does.

I can see the action runs an executable called TMCPMCLI.exe with .ini file with parameters, then it writes the id of the action in the registry… You may get unpredictable results if you incorrectly use it.

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I share a domain with the whole state so I can’t go into our main DC and make changes. I know we have relays on our local server here. Can something be done from the relays? Big fix is pushed out via GPO and systray client icon is failing to appear for some reason on some of my windows 7 machines.