Windows 2000 issue for power management

(imported topic written by BenKus)

Hey folks,

We have hit an issue with power management on Windows 2000 computers that affects changing the power profiles. The issue is related to the Windows tools that modify the power profiles. The issue only affects changing the power profiles and does not affect monitoring the power usage.

We did some checking around and Windows 2000 use on desktop computers amongst our customers seems to be quite low. Some customers still use Windows 2000 servers, but it is not common to change power profiles on servers so this issue should not affect Windows 2000 servers.

Microsoft is going to end support for Windows 2000 very shortly (July 13th, 2010 - and so we are going to pull the ability to change power profiles for Windows 2000.

If you have a need to continue to use BigFix Power Management to change power profiles in Windows 2000, please let us know (you can contact me or contact support) and we can give you a workaround.