Where to find fixlets

Is there any way to find out, in which site I can find specific fixlets? Namely I need patches for SCOM 2016. I didn’t find them in “Patches for Windows” site, which was quite surprising for me, so I need to find out where they are, so that I can request access to that site with our BigFix support (I’m not an MO)

Hi ,

Not sure whether SCOM related patches will be directly available on BigFix.

Please contact your BigFix Support team


As @RiyazBasha notes, SCOM is not a product that BigFix currently provides content for.

To find “community written” content, you can usually check on https://bigfix.me

I checked and I don’t see any SCOM content listed there.

For reference of supported OS and application patches for Microsoft and well as 3rd party applications for Windows, please see:


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Unfortunately the issue is, that I know more about BigFix than our support team, which is really sad, considering I don’t think of myself as a BigFix expert, so I have to tell them specifically what I want or I’m out of luck :frowning: