Where is the agent and relay upgrade for 9.1.1088

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I’ve upgraded to version 9.1.1088 on My Bigfix server but I don’t see the fixlets to upgrade the relays and clients to the corresponding version? Any ideas?

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Good question. I am also looking for that. Maybe they do not need to be upgraded. We do not know. Any information on the would be nice.

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There is a 9.1.1088 client, its part of the manual upgrade but no fixlets.

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Yes, we saw that, too.

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The agents and relays were not updated to 9.1.1088 as per the release notes since they were not affected. Not the first time Server/Agents have had different rev numbers :slight_smile:


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Even with no changes to the clients/relays a warning is still evident in the console advising that the "BES Relays should be at the same point release as the BES Server and must be at a higher point release than BES Clients. It would make sense to release a fixlet to change the version for the BES Clients/Relays purely for reporting.