What's new in 9.5.3?

I couldn’t find an Inspector changelist, so here’s what I see in a diff between 9.5.1 and 9.5.3 from the Fixlet Debugger -

Any comments? What’d I miss? Differences between “string tuple items” and the new “tuple items” type? The new binary_string type?

q: (properties as string; types as string)

A: major revision of <version>: integer
A: minor revision of <version>: integer
A: patch revision of <version>: integer
A: build revision of <version>: integer
A: random floating point: floating point
A: random integer: integer
A: random integer of <integer>: integer
A: tuple items of <string>: tuple item
A: string of <tuple item>: string
A: index of <tuple item>: integer
A: tuple strings of <string>: string
A: reserved of <dmi bios_language_information>: binary_string (previously returned "string")
A: uuid of <dmi system_information>: binary_string  (previously returned "string")
A: xml of <event log record>: xml dom node
A: virtual machine of <operating system>: boolean
A: hypervisor of <operating system>: string
A: device type: string
A: webui service: service

A: binary_string
A: tuple item

If “index of <tuple item>” does what I think, I’m going to be happy!

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strings of tuple items whose(0 = index of it mod 2) of "a, b, ( c, d ), e, f, g"
strings of tuple items whose(index of it > 2) of "a, b, ( c, d ), e, f, g"
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I’ve asked our doc team to try and put a new page up starting with this release on the developer.bigfix.com site to show the new inspectors added.

A “binary_string” is just that… a string of binary values with no encoding associated with it which we have to use in some cases.

The random inspectors should be obvious and the virtual machine inspectors are a start at being able to ID Virtual Machines in relevance more simply.

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so… how do you make one of those?

It would be useful to more easily get the raw binary of a file without having to read it byte by byte and then be able to base64 encode it or hex encode it or …

We’ve just started using it and only where its needed. We haven’t added it to a file read or anything yet. Its usage will expand over time

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