What version of Apache is IEM v9.2 running on?

Is there any Apache elements running in IEM v9.2 ? Perhaps for Web Report or SUA ? If yes, how can I check the Apache version ?

The IEM Server/WebReports do not run on Apache Servers

Thanks Alan. Any idea what sort of web server engine does Web Reports run on ? Also what is the web engine SUA runs on ?

Web Reports, Root Server, and Relay components use their own proprietary HTTP server.


Thank you Daniel and Alan.

I assumed that was the case, but I did wonder.

Hello Daniel,
Can the proprietary HTTP server limit the simultaneous connections number?

There might be a way to configure WebReports specifically, but you could also limit the max connections to the OS that WebReports is running on.

Hello Alan,
Is the CORS being enabled on the webreport server?