What is Applicable and Remediated?

I am observing that the Path release today which is getting exported in the reported in next hour or the day next that getting as “Remediated” which for I haven’t applied any action and not internet connected to the endpoints.

Can somebody explain me that what Remediated status of any Patch (Specially Microsoft) stand for.

Thanks in advance.

Remediated status -> patches which are installed successfully.
Applicable -> Missing patches.

If you haven’t deployed any patches from the console, check if someone has manually did it.
Check the event logs to troubleshoot on it.

Assuming you are referring to the terms leveraged in Web Reports, “Remediated” means that a Fixlet/Task was once reported as relevant on an endpoint, and subsequently reported as non-relevant. It does not necessarily mean that BigFix remediated the Fixlet/Task (it could have been addressed via external processes).


Do the endpoints talk to an internal WSUS?