What else can be done with BIGFIX


We are using IBM BIGFIX only for Linux/Unix servers where we are doing patching, using SCA & ILMT.

What else can be achieved from BIGFIX for Linux/Unix prospective.

Well pretty much anything :slight_smile:

Anything that can be done without requiring user response.

Some things you could do.

  • custom software packages
  • run configuration scripts
  • collect additional analysis information

What I have done is talk with the groups and look for opportunities to automate.

  • integrate cmdb with BigFix using the REST API.

BigFix is a very flexible tool and can be used for all kinds of functions.

These all I am doing currently apart from it I dont see much to do for Linux/unix servers. As far as CMDB concern I dont have hold on all type of servers, windows are managed using SCCM so I dont think this will help much, but I like to know what will the benefit of it & how to do that.

There should be a lot of competitive information on the main IBM site ( http://www.ibm.com/security/bigfix ) about how it compares to other products, so that would be your best bet to look at for that kind of information.

I think you’ll find most on the forum like the flexibility of the system with the language giving you the ability to not just patch but to do almost anything you can think of to the endpoints (UNIX systems included) in an automated fashion

There is also a community on http://bigfix.me for a lot of content and how to kind of information

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