Web Reports v7

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Just a few comments on the new version on webreports:

The “custom reports” tab as been integrated in to the "reports’ tab. Where are my work in progress reports now going to be stored? Before these were all stored under the custom reports tab and once I was satisfied the report was what I needed I could ‘store’ the report and it would show up in the ‘report’ tab. If all my work in progress version will now be shown in the standard reports tab this will be a very long list and the important reports will get lost in the development work.

Still in the new version the overview page is MS-centric. Non-MS fixlets are shown as “unknown” severity. I had hoped that this would be changed after various posts requesting it in the past and posting my AIX based reports as examples. If I can create a report with including severity levels from non-MS based fixlets I would hope that Bigfix could.

My custom reports are currently missing after upgrading, support in looking in to this, but the upgrade was not seamless.

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I am a BigFix developer working on the Web Reports server.

I’m sorry that our efforts to unify report listings in Web Reports have broken your workflow. I would suggest marking reports “Private” while working on them. That way, they will show up under the “My Reports” heading on the Reports page. Once the report is done, you can mark it “Public”, and it will move to the “Public Reports” section and be visible to all users. Is that satisfactory?

We are aware of the non-MS fixlet severity issue and are exploring solutions. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear that there is a good way to map different severity classifications together in a general way that will preserve the classification meanings.

I am currently investigating why your reports were not upgraded correctly and trying to develop a workaround for you. My apologies for this inconvenience.

Thank you for your post and I hope we can resolve your issues soon.