Web reports ssl issue

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so, I had a certificate generated using our internal CA and followed all the steps outlined for setting up SSL for web reports (made all the changes to the database and the registry keys).

However, when I change the key to use SSL from 0 to 1, I am no longer able to connect to the web server. The connections time out.

As soon as I switch it back to 0, everything works great.

It isnt a port issue, as I left it set to 443 in my testing, and the 443 piece continues to work - it is definitely the SSL piece that is breaking it.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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What is the url that you are trying?


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I have a lot of success in generating a self-signed certificate.

If you send me a private message with your server name, I will send you an SSL certificate along with the instructions to turn it on.

Maybe we can use this to eliminate the cert being the problem.

Lee Wei

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figured it out. I was missing the private key in the certificate.