Web Reports - share Archived Reports with multiple users?

I have a customized Web Report that I am using to track baseline content as it changes over time. I’ve set up a scheduled report to generate an archive daily (if the results have changed). These create the archive.htm files for each day and they are visible under my web report account.

What I’d like to do now is provide a link so that other operators can jump straight to my archived reports list, and they could select which archive.htm file to view based on the date. But I can’t find any option to grant shared access so that other operators can see my scheduled report output. It looks like each operator is expected to create their own scheduled activity for the report.

Does anyone know of a way to grant all users access to my stored web report?

Trying to bump the thread. Has no one encountered a need to share archived reports? Or at least can tell me definitively that it’s possible or not possible?

I don’t use WebReports often enough to say, but I’m going to guess that it is probably not possible.

Things don’t seem to be as granular or shareable between select groups in WebReports.

Things seem to be either public to everyone, or private to the user.

Things seem to be either readily possible, or impossible.

To be clear, I’d be happy if my archived jobs for this report were available to everyone; the Report against which the archive job is run is already set to Public.

I’d just prefer that each report viewer did not have to schedule their own archive job to see the report history.

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I think the issue is that the report being public is not sufficient. The results of the report will depend on not just the report itself, but the permissions of the user running the report. (Which computer results they will see in the report)

It would only make sense for all users to see the archived reports if they had permissions to the exact same computers.