"Waiting for downloads to be mirrored." Everytime file is deployed

I have an issue where packages are always saying “Pending Downloads” and “Waiting for downloads to be mirrored.” and it seems to take several minutes for a small package to be mirrored. From my understanding the package only needs to be mirrored once to the server. I am wondering if this is a caching limit issue. I deploy several GB of software in a baseline and it seems to take a long time between packages with this Waiting for downloads to be mirrored message.

Any ideas?

Please give us more background on your BigFix environment. E.g.:

Number of agents?
Was it working before and this problem just popped up or is this a brand new install and you are doing this for the first time?
Have you changed an core settings? (Like cache size.)
Can you send a blank action and have it complete?

What is the size of your root server’s cache and web cache setting?

Also, is your client checking in directly to the IEM Server, or are there one or more Relays in between? If you have Relays, you’ll want to check their download cache sizes as well.

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Thanks guys. It was the cache settings on the server.


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