Version 7.2 agent upgrade - clientlogging service error

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I have seen 2 instances now during install of agent upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2 where a clientlogging service error appears to the user (or is there when user logs in). I have deployed about 100+ updates and have seen it twice now. Might be more - but not reported yet. I have attached the error. Thanks!


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Hey Mike,

Try to post again with the picture (you will need to include the picture in your original post because it doesn’t seem to work if you edit a post… we are trying to figure out why this is…)


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Thanks Ben,

I forgot to check to make sure it had uploaded. Trying again.

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I tried adding to new post and back on the orginal post. Not showing up. Issues with uploading a jpeg? I shoot it to you email at moment. Thanks.