VBS to schedule jobs (actions)

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I want to create a vbscript that deploys a task from the master action site. I see some javascript in the testapi html file but it’s not really helping.

After my image has been deployed, I want a simple vbscript that kicks off some baselines or tasks based upon hardware. Also, is there a wsdl that gives me direct access to BESAPI.FixletActionCreator?

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This is a good place to start:



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I don’t see any info about vbscripts in the wiki. I have the sample vbs for querying webreports but I would like to see a sample vbs that kicks off a baseline for a specific computer. I just need an example to help me get started.

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I am not sure if we have a vbscript example… Can you use the commandline import tool?


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The commandline import tool doesn’t work on the client computer. In my scenario the client computer will kick off the correct action based on computer properties like manufacturer model etc.

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’ for Create Action

Set P3 = CreateObject(“BESAPI.XMLImporter”)

P3.SetServer “IP_SERVER”

’ XML_ACTION.bes export of the console and modify the file.


'for know error import file.

MsgBox P3.DiagnosticMessage

MsgBox P3.StatusMessage


'Custom Site create

Set site = CreateObject(“BESAPI.CustomSiteManager”)

site.SetServer “IP_SERVER”


'MsgBox site.DiagnosticMessage


'Create Analisys

Set P1 = CreateObject (“BESAPI.XMLImporter”)

P1.SetServer “IP_SERVER”


MsgBox P1.DiagnosticMessage

MsgBox P1.StatusMessage