Using Computer Settings in Relevance Statements

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I have 2 questions, the first is; can someone help me with this relevance statement:

I want to set set my seek list to the subnet of one of the active interfaces on the device

not exists (subnet addresses whose (it as string = (settings “_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList” of client) ) of ip interfaces of network)

Nothing ever becomes relevant despite the fact that the parameter is not set anywhere

Which brings me to the second part of my question; What is the correct method to trouble shoot this problem. I’ve been using the Fixlet debugger to test these out. There is no value for (settings “_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList” of client) in the debugger so I simply substitute a string. This returns with the expected results:

Q: not exists (subnet addresses whose (it as string = “” ) of ip interfaces of network)

A: False

T: 0.344 ms

I: singular boolean

Is there another tool I should be using or a log I can check to see what is happening?

BTW, I’m setting the SeekList parameter with the action:

setting “_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList”="{preceding text of first “|” of (concatenation “|” of (unique values of (if (exists true whose (if true then exists subnet addresses of ip interfaces of network else false)) then (subnet addresses whose (it as string != “”) of ip interfaces whose (loopback of it = false) of network) else nothing) as string) & “|”)}" on “{now}” for client

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Okay, after a full night of rest and a full cup of coffee I think I found the answer.

I discovered that within the Fixlet Debugger, I can check, Debug -> Evaluate Using -> Local Client Evaluator. This allows me to access the custom settings on the client. When I did this I found that the string being returned was

Q: settings “_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList” of client

A: _BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList=10%252e246%252e26%252e0

Not what I was expecting.

A bit of string manipulation and I was able to get the results I wanted

not exists (subnet addresses whose (it as string = (concatenation “.” of (substrings separated by “%252e” of ( following text of first “=” of it as string)) of (settings “_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList” of client as string)) ) of ip interfaces of network)