Using Big Fix to create a certain folder on certain servers

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I am trying to use Big Fix to create a folder C:\logs on some of my servers. Has anyone ever created a task to create folders?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi garbroo,

This should be a simple task:


not exists folder “C:\logs”


dos mkdir “C:\logs”


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Ben, thanks I will give it a try this morning.

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Ben, when I run the following in the relevance debugger

not exists folder “C:\logs” dos mkdir “C:\Logs”

I get the following Error: The operator “dos mkdir” is not defined.

Any ideas? I will keep playing with it.

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I don’t know why the expression did not work in the relevance debugger?? I just created the task

relevance: not exists folder “C:\logs”

action: dos mkdir “C:\Logs”

and it worked on my test server. I still don’t understand why it bombs in the relavance debugger but life is too short to worry about that.

thanks for you help,


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Hi Gray,

dos mkdir “C:\Logs” // this is Action script

not exists folder “C:\Logs” // this is Relevance

Action script and relevance are 2 different languages. You can’t use action script in relevance, although you can embed relevance in action script by enclosing it in curly braces {}.

The distinction is important. Relevance is used for querying things, but by design it can’t make any changes. The relevance debugger doesn’t know anything about action script and thus it bombs out when you try to evaluate an action script statement.

We do have a new tool that understands both! You can use it to test your relevance and to test your actions. Check it out: