Use Applicable Computers of a Baseline in Relevance

Hi all, first time question and I hope this makes sense.

I have a Baseline with 26 Components made up of recent Microsoft urgent security updates (MS20-JAN: Cumulative Updates) for all flavors of Windows OS.

Is it possible to use the Baseline’s Applicable Computers listing to set relevance on a Fixlet that is used to simply pop-up a compliance message on deficient systems. No running of Baseline Components, just a compliance message for systems listed on the Baseline’s Applicable Computers tab.

Fixlet or Task is to generate a message on the client system to warn them of being out of compliance NOT run the components within the Baseline. For what it’s worth, we use the ‘Messages’ tab of the Take Action window to provide the message along with an empty action script and make it pop-up every hour on non-compliant systems.

Not necessarily using the computer list to generate relevance, but a couple of suggestions you could do.

Create a Task, with no ActionScript, to display a message. On your Baseline, select the ‘Applicable Computers’ tab. Select all the computers, then right-click and select “View as Group”.

Now, with the set of computers displayed as a group, select the group’s ‘Applicable Tasks’ tab. Locate your task, right-click and choose the 'Take default action’s option. In the Take Action dialog, your computer list should be the only ones available for selection. Update the Messages tab as needed and then take the action.

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Thanks Jason.

Appreciate the idea, but that puts us in a bit of a static state of generating the compliance message. As a system is repaired and drops off the Baseline’s Applicable Computers list, I believe the task would keep running on systems that were “fixed” until we stop the current Action and start a new.

Would be nice to have relevance that’s (true for a computer when that computer is found on the applicable computers list of the Baseline), then as systems fall off the relevance, the compliance message will stop being generated to them. More of a dynamic process.

I’d be willing to create a Automatic Computer Group using relevance to pull from the Baseline’s Applicable Computers list and then dynamically target the group if that’s a better approach.

My apologies for shortcomings, I’m always learning something new with this relevance language.

Perhaps you could use an Offer action on the baseline? That would show up in the System Tray items in BigFix, but won’t run unless/until they accept the offer.