URGENT: Software Distribution task fails with error "Unexpected HTTP Response 502"

Hi i’ve a problem with a software distribution task that don’t run on a determinate Relay server and on VDI Virtual machine.
The task remains in Download pending and there is this error:

Software Distribution task fails with error “Unexpected HTTP Response 502”

Any resolutions fo this problem?
Is ther anything i have to check? network ports …between Rott server and relay… ecc?

Thanks a lot
Umberto Palombo

That error hows that the root server failed to download the payload
and HTTP 502 is ‘Bad Gateway’ (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Status/502)

Agreed, the HTTP 502 is an error returned by either the web server, or a proxy between your root server and the web server.
Troubleshoot the network connection between your root and whatever server is hosting the download, and your proxy server (if your root is configured to go through a proxy).
Start by using a browser on the root server to try to download the file manually, then try using ‘curl’ on the root server (in case your browser is using an automatically-configured proxy, Curl would usually not use a proxy unless you explicitly use the --proxy command line option)